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Gary Denness
A bloke, attempting to transition to chap. Always wanted a weekly column with The Times. Have settled for this.
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About Gary Denness

Once upon a long ago, there was a young boy who slept through lessons at school, never turned in any homework but still dreamed of eventual greatness all the same. That little boy dreamed of being a writer and telling stories and he created his own school newspaper, with each of the four pages blu-tacked to the classroom wall. It ran with updated pages every day for about two months. He called his publication The Grapevine, because his name at the time was Vine, so it made sense. He polled fellow school boys to create a Top 10 chart poll, which helps date this long dead paper. Falco's Rock Me Amadeus topped the chart for about six weeks. Three weeks because they got more votes than the others. And three further weeks because I really liked the song and fiddled the numbers. I was a #fakenews pioneer. I am a writer, living the dream, albeit as a hobbyist blogger of nearly two decades standing. I don't think this was the schoolboy dream, which involved Pulitzers and whatnot. Still, I present to you the revived Grapevine, back from the dead after several decades. Sorely missed, it has been. Probably.

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